back-emf of a slot in Maxwell of PMSM

    • Shiva2810

      I am working on the demagnetization topic. To implement the partial demagnetization in the simulation, I changed the BH curve of one magnet.
      Then, I did the no-load test on both healthy and faulty models. RMS value of back-emf of faulty is lower than the healthy model which is correct. 
      But, the three-phase back-emf after partial demagnetization is still balanced, and there are no new harmonics.
      So, just like the attached figure I want to plot the back-emf od one single slot. I am not able to plot this signal in the results.
      Could you please help?


    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @Shiva2810,

      The figure you mentioned is missing. Could you let me know what type of excitation you are using?



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