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Background of DED-Simulation in Mechanical (MAPDL)

    • Jonas S

      I am currently working on the DED simulation in Ansys Workbench. I have the following questions to better understand the basics of the simulation:
      1. is it correct that the simulation is based on a (M)APDL script in the background?
      2. if so, how can I read this script to better understand how the individual parameters and material data are taken into account?
      3. if not, how is the material data taken into account (latent heat during phase transition, heat conduction etc.)?

      I assume that aspects such as latent heat during phase transition and cooling by convection/radiation are calculated by mathematical formulas in the (M)APDL script in the background. However, I cannot find more detailed information in the help documents, so I hope you can answer these questions here.



    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Jonas,

      The solver used is MAPDL. Check the input file for more details. I do not have much information on this topic but please see if the following links help you:

      ANSYS Additive Desktop User’s Guide

      Additive manufacturing process (DED) simulation help (

      How to setup a Direct Energy Deposition (DED) analysis in Workbench Additive? - Ansys Knowledge



      Ashish Khemka

    • Jonas S


      Thanks for the answer. I have now opened the ds.dat file with a text editor, but I cannot find any references to mathematical formulas for calculating the latent heat using the specific heat from the material data. Furthermore, the DED_Simulatin_Guide claims that the DED simulation in Ansys Workbench Mechanical is based on the Element-Birth / -Death method. However, the commands ekill and ealive cannot be found in the APDL script (ds.dat file). Therefore, my question is whether the ds.dat file actually contains the complete APDL script, which is solved with the MAPDL solver, or whether only an excerpt is saved here?
      If so, where can I find the corresponding commands (ekill and ealive) as well as the mathematical consideration of the material data?
      If not, which commands in the ds.dat file describe the aspects I am looking for (E-Birth / -Death, latent heat, heat conduction)?

      Thanks in advance 

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