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Bad termination of one of your application processes error

    • Dana Kang

      Hi, I'm currently using the 2023 version of Ansys and for some reason I keep getting the “Bad termination of one of your application processes" error when I initialize my project.

      It's a simple fluid flow structure with a metal foam (porous media) in between like in the picture below and I'm using 6 cores.

      After I press initialize, Fluent displays this error and immediately shuts down.

      I would appreciate any help regarding this problem. Thanks!

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      Are you using 7.2.3 Porous Media Conditions (ansys.com)? You can read on some of the limitation for this model in the link provided.

      Try deactivating this zone to ensure that your model runs. If it does, then it would indicate that the porous zone is the issue.

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