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General Mechanical

Base Excitation in Harmonic Analysis

    • krishnateja.garrepally

      I am doing a base excitation using Harmonic Analysis.


      I gave 20-20000Hz, used the Modal analysis supernode method for simulation and called the same in Harmonic Analysis. The structure is a simple hollow plastic box kept on a plate. This plate has 4 holes on the 4 corners, where I want to give an acceln of 5g. But if I use the acceln option, it applies to the whole body. 

      So either you can recommend a way to apply acceln on these 4 points and not the whole body or guide me with another way to do the same effect on these 4 holes.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      So we need a Modal analysis connected fully to a Harmonic so that we use the MOdal Super Position Method for Harmonic analysis

      Under the Acceleration boundary condition object, there is a Base Excitation Setting under definitions which we can set to Yes and apply say to the fixed support.

      (see our course for more details:




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