Battery cell modelling by Fluent

    • buidinhanh

      Hi all, I am a beginner in Ansys. I try to draw the unit cell battery and solve the NTGK model by using Fluent. However, I got 2 trouble. First, in meshing step I tried to create the same mesh with the example in Fluent addon-modul, my result look not good (please see the picture below). Second, when I tried to the NTGK model, my conductive zones is wall_active, wall_p, wall_n instead of wall active, tab_n and tab_p as in the example (please see my wbpj file). Could you show me which steps I wrong and how I can fix them? Thank all.  this is the sample cell

    • enav



      have you already found a solution. I am currently working on a battery simulation and facing some issues. It would be great if you could share your ideas and solutions.



    • peteroznewman


      You can attach Workbench Project Archives to your posts (and zip files).


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