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Beam orientation problem

    • salcip

      Hi all,

      I am facing a problem while trying to define an I section for beam188 element.

      I have designed the structure in pic1.pic1

      The lines I indicated have as mesh attributes the I section I defined and I set the option to use orientation KeyPoint.

      After I meshed, the structure I obtained is shown in pic2pic2


      In pic3 you can see the orientation that Ansys gave to the beams:pic3

      As you can see the beam on the left is placed in H shape while the one on the right has a twisted shape.

      So I defined the orientation KP of pic4:



      I selected the elements in pic5:


      and in pic6 I changed the orientation KP:



      in pic7 I replot and this is how beams element orientation has changed:


      As you can see the beam on the left has a correct orientation (the I shape section is oriented with the thinnest part parallel to the Y global coordinate). On the other side the beam on the right is no more twisted but it is rotated on the Z coordinate.

      How can I solve this problem? I want all beam cross-sections oriented parallel to the Y axis.

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