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Beam section or solid ?

    • Aloush993

      I am modeling the concrete columns and beams of a building by spaceclaim , as I know I have two ways to model this , either by beam cross-section and change the data in the engineering data of ansys , or by drawing solid and use apdl codes such as solid65

      my question is , is there a way to use the beam cross-section and use solid65 comment ? because when I use it they tell me " element type 1 is not the same as solid65 "

      any idea that help in this , basically change beam dimension to solid


      thank you

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

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      The error is because there is a mismatch in the elements that are being connected, or meshed. For example, while meshing if you are using quadratic elements and in the geometry you are manually forcing the use of an element type which does not support this via command snippet, it would lead to this error.

      In your case, you can't assign a SOLID65 element to the beam cross-section. SOLID65 is used for the three-dimensional modeling of solids.

      Go over your input deck, look up the element types that are being used and check for any incompatibilities.

      P.S: Moving this question to the structural mechanics category where it might get more traction.

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