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General Mechanical

Bearing of Two Materials

    • merryshan26

      Hi everyone!


      I am new to ANSYS and I have a question regarding a model I have been trying to simulate.  The main problem I have is I could not converge into a solution if I load the model past its yielding. Basically, I am modelling a dowel connection, as seen in the figure 1 below, consist of a bamboo culm, a steel washer connected to the bamboo culm by screws and a steel dowel bolt.  I fixed the two sides of the bamboo and enforced a displacement controlled load in the dowel. For all interface, I used ‘frictional’ contacts with  a value of 0.2.  I am aiming to simulate a simultaneous bearing failure of the bamboo and washer, as shown in the figure 2.  I was able to displace it for about 1mm, which is within its elastic phase (Figure 3), however, the model starts unconverging if I load it more (based on the unconverged solution). I tried loading the washer and bamboo individually to see if my boundary conditions, contact pairings, material properties were the issue, but no problems were encountered (Figure 4). It is just when I put them together that the software starts to have problems. 


      I hope someone could help me with this issue. Thank you very much.



      Figure 1                                                                                    Figure 2




      Figure 3


      Figure 4

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