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Befitting Course or Learning Materials: Wind Turbine

    • Nate K.

      Hello Forum,

      I am looking to learn how to create and simulate a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) using Fluent. The VAWT part 1 course in Ansys Innovation Space was helpful, but part 2 seem to have issues (I have a forum help post currently open regardint this and someone seem to be looking into). However, and even if part 2 is solved, I am not seeing any courses which will help me to analyze a VAWT under turbulent / non-steady state conditions. In the Learning Hub (LH) there is an advanced rotating course but it does not have any available course with-in it. In the LH I also see some turbo machinery courses but it seem it uses Ansys Turbo software. There is also a course for a mixing tank which seems would be helpful. 

      Does anyone know of the best course of action I could take considering I want to model a VAWT non-steady state and using Fluent? Turbo courses or the mixing tank or is there something else?

      Thanks, Nate    

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Nate,

      I recommend you to use the turboworkflow in ansys fluent . I am attaching a link explaining the turbo workflow for the axial compressor which is similar to axial turbine .Please go through that. It can simplify your analysis.

      (851) Using the Ansys Fluent Turbo Workflow - YouTube

      Also there are courses in learning hub . Please go to ALH site ->Under fluids choose turbomachinery and then choose ansys fluent rotating machinery modelling and download it. In that there is a tutorial related to axial turbine. 

      At the moment for transient analysis in turboworkflow there is an example please refer this user guide link.

      Chapter 12: Modeling Blade Row Interaction using Steady-State and Transient Simulations (ansys.com)

      I hope this helps you in your simulation.


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