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General Mechanical

Behavior of cotton (or any other matterial) in plastic zone

    • RaulPortoles

      Hello, I am studying a reinforced concrete beam with cotton fiber reinforcements. The study of the beam without the cotton has gone very well, but when adding the fibers the solution does not converge.

      The problem is that cotton has a great plastic capacity, but when solving the problem, the simulation stops at the end of the cotton's elastic zone (it does not plasticize).

      I have defined the cotton with a short elastic zone, and a multilinear plastic zone,

      Does anyone know another way to define cotton to ensure that it plasticizes? Thank you very much.

      (I add two photos, one of them showing the real tenslie test, and the other the aproximation I did for the simulation)

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      You say that the simulation stops at the elastic zone for cotton. Are you getting any errors?

      Regards Ashish Khemka
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