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General Mechanical

Bending moment of a bolt

    • Tim Dietl

      Hello everyone, I want to measure the bending moment of a bolt and I created a surface and tried to get the Moment Reaction out of the solution.

      These are the Details of the Moment Reaction:

      Apparently, there is something  wrong with the control settings but I am not sure what. Do you have an  idea?

      It says: "A result is invalid with the current output control settings."

      Thanks in advance!

    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tim,

      Can you try switching the 'Nodal forces' option under Analysis setting < output controls to yes and then rerun the model? It is mostly because the result file does not have the required results. 

      Thank you,

      Akshay Maniyar

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    • Tim Dietl

      Hello Akshay, yes it works now. Thank you!

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