Best model to simulate non newtonian fluids?

    • Francesc Riera

      Hi, i've got two questions. First, I wonder what's the difference between Carreau model and the non newtonian power law to simulate the behaviour of a non newtonina fluid? Which is more recommended? And my second question is why sometimes CFD-Post allows me to see the wall shear results and sometimes don't while i'm simulation a non newtonian flow. Thanks


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The various nonNewtonian models were created to cope with the wide range of viscous behaviour. So, pick the one that best matches the data you have. Hence, there's a Carreau-Yasuda example on the Customer Portal (students don't have access) as it's good for blood and not in the core Fluent solver. 

      If you're using Fluent do the post-processing there. Not sure why wall shear is/isn't available but it's likely linked to model settings and what's included in the data files. 

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