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Best Practices for Structural Models

    • peteroznewman


      There is an unfortunate setting in the default installation that I despise.
      It is the Auto Detect Contact On Attach check mark in the Workbench Options.
      I recommend you uncheck that.

      The reason is that your model had these contacts defined.

      But after using the Update Geometry from Source feature the contacts show this:

      The two new contacts are Bonded contacts, which spoil your model if they are not suppressed.

      After you suppress these extra contacts, you can mesh and solve if the nodes+elements is < 32,000.

      I made some changes to your model. You should use frictional contacts mostly. You should always have a minimum of two solid elements through the thickness of any part. I also changed the Analysis Settings to use 10 Initial Substeps.  I have attached an updated ANSYS 18.2 archive.

      Regards, Peter

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