Best practices when importing and exporting fields calculator expression?

    • apr37

      Hello ANSYS community,

      I have a few HFSS projects which are similar and use mostly the same Fields Calculator expressions. I've discovered that I can "Save To..." and "Load From..." in the fields calculator dialogue to avoid needing to rewrite the same expressions in each project, but I've noticed that when I to this, I get many errors like

      Cannot import expression participation_H_conductor because its dependent expression Energy_H_conductor does not exist. (10:22:56 PM  Apr 09, 2020)

      in the case of expressions with a nested dependence.
      I can get around this problem by reattempting the import until the only errors I get are errors like

      Cannot import expression Energy_H_total because it already exist in calculator. (10:23:13 PM  Apr 09, 2020)

      but when I am done, all of the expressions I have imported are in a scrambled order. They are not in the order I originally wrote them, and they are not even in the same order as the .clc file they come from (which I have learned I can read using a text editor like Notepad).

      Is there a better way I could be doing things? Ideally, I would like to have a single central working .clc file that I update as my projects evolve, which I can use to update all of my related projects. I would like it if when I import all the expressions from my .clc file, they appeared in the project's fields calculator in the order I wrote them in the .clc (Or reverse or or whatever... just in some logical order that I can control well).

      Can this be done?



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