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Best VOF model for high pressure convective boiling simulation

    • Jefferson2010

      Dear all,
      I want to use VOF to simulate high pressure convective boiling. In high pressure boiling around 45 bars, the size of the bubble is very small. The radius is around 4*10^(-5)m. Due to boiling, there is volume expansion near the interface. I want to keep the interface sharp and reduce smearing, especially near the wall boundary. In Fluent 16.2.3 manual, it mentions five VOF methods:the geometric reconstruction scheme, the donor-acceptor scheme, CICSAM, the compressive scheme and BGM. Here is the link: https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Ans...ec_vof_eq.html
      Could anybody tell me which scheme is the best for my case? If other schemes compared with those five are better, please also tell me. Thanks in advance!
      Best regards,
      Wentao Guo

    • Rob
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      If you can switch to R19 then there are several options within the multi-fluid VOF phase interaction models. The ANSYS documentation is also available on the more recent releases. 

      Best wishes,


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