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General Mechanical

Best way to simulate half sine shock

    • dimitri.hamelin

      Dear all,

      I would like to simulate a shock on my equipment by an half sine acceleration on my support. What is the best way to do so ? Is Explicit dynamics better than transient structural ? What about LS Dyna ? Do I have to do a modal analysis first ? How can I apply this boundary condition to my supports ?

      According to the lesson on this website ( I know that I have to define a time step if I have to do a dynamic study dependeing on my mesh dimensions, Young modulus and a safety factor. But what is the difference between steps and substeps ? How can I apply this timestep to all the steps/substeps (depending on the previous question)

      Thank you for all your futur answers, I am sure they will be very helpfull for a lot of us.

      Best regards,


    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      In Mechanical, you can do a mode superposition transient (implicit) for this type of simulation. You can apply an acceleration and mark it as 'base excitation'.
      You can also do the same with Full(direct) transient but this will need command snippet. In a full transient you can apply acceleration to the support nodes using "D" command with ACCX/ACCY/ACCZ degrees of freedom.
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