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BFAST source

    • shanyco


      I'm using the "grating s parameters" object with 'BFAST' settings (simulating different oblique angles) for a plane wave incidenting a periodic structure. 

      In many cases I'm getting this warning -

      And the transmission data does not seem reasonale at all (it looks like a delta function with a peak of 10^6, sometimes 10^8...). 


      Can you help me understand this warning? How to overcome it? 


      thank you very much,



    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Shany,

      Is there any chance you are using a polarization other than s or p? I believe the grating s parameters analysis group can only handle s and p-polarized sources. So, if the "polarization angle (degrees)" field in the plane wave source is anything other than 0 (p-polarized) and 90 (s-polarized) then the analysis group will most likely give you inaccurate results. 


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