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BH interpolation curve model in Ansys Maxwell

    • Robert Krobot

      Dear all,

      In order to have precise results, I'm trying to figure out the interpolation model of BH curve.
      When material was defined, relative permeability was defined as non - linear and data set of the measured BH curve was inserted.
      The BH curve that is used in simulation was interpolated from inserted/measured point.
      Pretpregled slike
      Is it posible to find which model/calculation is used for interpolation of the curve? 
      Are there the any documentation where the model is described in detailes?
      In Maxwell online help document, core losses are described, but I can not find the description of the interpolation model. 
      Thank you for your time and support.
    • Dawn R. Acker

      It's a new method of data points, so i'm also not sure that it's possible or impossible to use. Following my search, there are many reviews about this field. We can read and find a suitable answer for this ploblem. In addition, I'm curious about model of monkey mart. Can it develop in the future?

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