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Binary output rcforc value and unit

    • Ha heongyu

      Hi there, i am doing stamping forming simulation using ls-dyna.

      I did simulation and reviewed result and i think something is strange.

      as shown in displacement, until 0.1 sec punch is pressing plate and after 0.1 sec punch increases and decreases again.

      And i don't know why after 0.1 sec force is measured as all zero.

      And i want to know unit of resultant force(e+3) or i want to know how to see the unit.

      I will very appreciate if you guys help me.

    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee

      It appears to me that the punch moves away from the workpiece at around t=0.1, and so a gap opens up and there is no contact force.

      Units out = units in.   In your input file, what are the units of force?

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