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BladeGen data import wizard leading to nonsmooth blade surfaces

    • jamesgr

      Hi all,

      I have been given a CAD file of a pump impeller which I would like to import into BladeGen so that I may parameterise the design intent of the impeller to perform optimisation.


      However, after using the data import wizard, I get unwanted nonsmooth blade surfaces near the trailing edge.



      I believe this is due to the "Select Tangency Points" step of the data import wizard completely messing up the trailing edge definition.


      I have spent days on trying to fix this. I have read the relevant tutorials (the few that exists) regarding using the data import wizard. I have also searched on Google and the forum for relevant posts, but nothing seems to be much help.

      If anyone is able to answer any of the following three questions, I would be eternally grateful.

      1) Have you managed to successfully use the data import wizard? If so, could you please provide advice on how to get a smooth blade surface?

      2) Do you have any advice for importing the geometry into BladeGen so that I can modify the design parameters to create new geometries?

      3) Alternatively, do you know of any other methods of extracting the design intent of the blade so that I may parameterise the geometry for subsequent optimisation?

      I am happy to provide necessary CAD files or TurboGrid files (containing hub, shroud, and blade contours) if required. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!


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