BLDC Motor Torque/Rpm/Efficiency Plot generation in Ansys Maxwell

    • meghanty

      Hello again everyone!

      I am interested in producing motor torque/rpm plots for some BLDC motor designs in ANSYS Maxwell similar to the one in the image below. Could a plot like this be produced all at once or would I have to generate multiple points and interpolate between them? Are there any tutorials available to guide me through this process (I have the motor model finished, I think I just need to properly configure the Analysis Setup)? My main focus is on pinning down the efficiency of the motor at all operating points.

      To whomever finds the time to stop by and help, thank you very much!

    • Paul Larsen
      Ansys Employee

      You have two options:

      Option 1)  You could do a sweep of speed.  This can be very efficient, and solved in parallel, and the time-step can be easily controlled with respect to synchronous speed & switching.  Then the plot is just connecting the individual speed points in steady-state (usually what this plot is supposed to mean).

      Option 2)  You could set up a transient run with the mechanical motion specified to slow down from no-load speed to stall.  You could set this up by using a very large inertia, with an initial velocity, and then the load torque specified to slow it down within a required time-frame.  Then you would be able to plot torque, power, and efficiency vs speed (all as a function of time).  This is similar to many test/measurement cases, but it might be less efficient within the simulation.

      Choosing one option or the other is up to you.  Good luck!

       - Paul

    • meghanty

      This looks very promising, thank you!

      I'll update on my problems/success when my model is ready for this stage.


    • Bharathi123

      Hi all

      I'm simulating 3D Maxwell flux reversal machine, electric transient solver, all the mesh operations are valid and when it's solving for solutions I run into an issue where it says; '3dts' terminated abnormally. Could have been killed by the user or may have run out of memory.' even though my RAM is 8Gb and I did not abort the simulation. I got no-load flux density patterns but I have not to get flux linkages and inductances how I get this. 

      the second error is 'simulation completed with execution error on server: Local machine.

      could anyone please advise me on this.

      Thank you

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