BLDC Motor Winding rectangular current excitation , torque and efficiency Map

    • junaed.buet

      Hello. I have designed a 2D FE model of BLDC motor in ansys maxwell. I was hoping to derive efficiency and torque speed curve (like from figure1) from the simulation either directly or processing the data received from simulation.However the BLDC motor the winding current is rectangular current and I have used maxwell circuit to design an external circuit and excite the windings with that external circuit (Like Figure 2). I have sweep the speed of the motor and received the torque vs speed curve and efficiency vs speed curve (Figure 3). To get the curves like figure 1 , I need to control the current to limit it to the desired peak current. How can I excite the windings with rectangular current to get the current profiles like that of figure 4. The figure 1 profiles have been received via exciting the windings with sinusoidal current equation. How can I write rectangular current equation in my case? Or is there any other way in this regard? Thanks in advance. 

      FIGURE 1

      FIGURE 2

      FIGURE 3

      FIGURE 4

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi junaed.buet,

      You can write a pwl function for each phase current to define the square wave current waveform.

      Refer the below discussion to understand how to implement a pwl function.

      Ansys Maxwell Square Wave




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