3D Design

3D Design

    • sameerfares


      when i use Blend at the corner of the angle where i circled, it doesnt create a smooth surface between the vertical and horizontal legs of the angle. i chose an edge on horizontal leg and an edge on vertical leg. Not sure what i am doing wrong






    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sam,

        Have you tried, using the rotational blend feature or the select guides features in the Blend tool?

      Rotational Blend will Create cylinders and cones whenever possible during the creation of a blend and the select guides will use edges or curves as guides, so maybe you can use that curved edge you see as a guide?

      Pressing on F1 while looking into a feature will open up the help on that object and is very useful. Please see this section from the help on blend.


    • FrankD
      Ansys Employee

      You are going to find that the ALT-selected Guides are going to help you very much, in terms of forcing the blend edges (not the originating, regularly-selected edges) to follow some geometry.  

      You can also Alt-select the faces neighboring the originating edges to give them tangent control over the blend geometry, but you will note that that has no relationship (necessarily) to the existing geometry that you are trying to match up to on the blend sides. 


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