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Body Transformation in Design Modeler not being respected in Mechanical

    • Vlad Buta


      I preface this by saying that I am rather new to ANSYS, so the solution might be something rather simple. I hope my description of the problem is clear. 

      I am having an issue when applying a body transformation in Design Modeler, such as a translation or a rotation to a pre-defined body which then is not well represented in Mechanical.

      My workflow: I create a model in Design Modeler, move to Mechanical and perform my analysis. If I then go back to change something in Design Modeler, modify my part (everything looks as it should in DM), and take it back into Mechanical, it also keeps the original design and "splits" the edges of my new model with the old ones.

      Example: The part is formed of two concentric rings with square cross section, each split into a number of arc segments.
      After rotating the inner segmented ring part around its central axis, although everything lookes good in DM, in Mechanical the segments were overlapping, keeping both the edges of the initial part as well as the new ones. If I selected the bodies from the model tree, the arc segments are shown properly, in their new positions. However, my Edge Sizing is ruined as the edges of the new model were "split" by the ones of the old model. As such, the edge sizing that I had established for the old model is now randomly distributed between the split edges of the new model. This happens with "preseve bodies" set to "no" in the body transformation. 

      I have been able to sometimes avoid this issue when working on a new model, by creating the body transformation operation as soon as I generated the body it will be applied on. (making the first segmented ring -> creating the body transformation -> creating the second segmented ring -> creating the enclosure around them). Then, when I want to apply the body transformation at a later stage, it does so perfectly (nothing overlaps, the body is simply transformed as expected). 

      I am uncertain what is wrong with my workflow and I have not been able to find an answer to this problem online (or I didn't know how to properly search for it). 
      Thank you for taking the time to read this and for helping. 


    • peteroznewman

      Hello Vlad,

      It would be helpful if you insert images into your reply to show examples of the problem.

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