boiling bubbles leaving interface ?

    • sivaraman-s


      I am simulating pressure drop leading to boiling in the fluid-fluid system. Initially I have liquid and vapor in the domain at same temperature. It is expected that the vapor phase forming in the bulk of liquid must rise to the liquid-vapor interface and then leave the interface to the vapor portion of the domain. However, in my case the boiling starts to occur and then the liquid continues to expand without decrease in liquid level. I am using VOF model with lee coefficients

      I wanted to cross check if my simulation is correct in terms of mass balance but I was not able to check the mass evaporated from liquid phase or if the vapor forming in the liquid phase is leaving the liquid vapor interface. 

      Thank you

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      How is the heating getting supplied into the system? At the wall? What do you mean with "liquid continues to expand"? For mass imbalance check you can rely on Mass Reports and outgoing fluxes / Incoming fluxes on the Flux Report to assess if you have any mass deficits (either in Fluent directly or via checking the outfile of the report definitions in Python or Third-Party). 

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