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General Mechanical

Bolt adjustment

    • Tim Dietl

      Hello everyone, why is the bolt adjustment getting higher with smaller mesh size?

      Do you know what could influence the bolt adjustment?

      Maybe because of the contacts? 


      Does the object get more flexible with smaller mesh size?

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Perhaps the finer mesh is causing a softer contact stiffness response?  What happens if you turn off contact stiffness updating (as a test)?

      How does the bolt adjustment compare to the contact penetration in the primary load path of the bolt load?

      How does the bolt working load compare to user defined bolt pretension?

      • Tim Dietl

        Thank you for your answer! 

        I turned off stiffness updating and this is the new graph for the bolt adjustment:

        Contact settings for normal:

        Thread is Bonded-MPC and frictional contacs have frictional coefficient 0,1 and a penetration value of 0,04.



        In the following in changed the penetration value and compared the bolt adjustments (For comparism I changed one time also the penetration factor to 0,1):


        For this test, there is just the preload (48458N) and no working load. Reason for this is that I want to measure the deformation/resilience of the bolt and compare it with the calculated value.



        Thank you for your help!

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