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Bolt reactions or joint reactions in Response Spectrum

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      I perfomed a Response Spectrum Analysis in order to simulate an earthquake event (Static structural->Modal->Response spectrum). I want to obtain the force reactions on bolts. In this moments, my bolts are modelized as joints. I know that in Static structural is possible to obtain the reactions on joint but in Response Spectrum i don't know how to do this. 


      Is there any way to obtain the reacions on joints, beams or faces/edges in Response Spectrum? I use Ansys 2021 R1


      Pd. I have seen a

      ">video  and a post where it is explained how to do it through commands. However, I tried it but does not work correctly. 

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  • Chandra Sekaran
    Ansys Employee

    One way is to use APDL commands to get these values. You will need to use the file.mcom (mode combination file) that is available ( Solution> right mouse click > Open solver files directory). This file may also be called displacement.mcom.  

    You also should save the database (file.db) using Analysis settings> Analysis data management > Save MAPDL db file= YES.

    In Post1 you can use ETABLE command to get beam results. Starting in 2022R1 I think you can also get joint results with ETABLE.

    Then you can use the below commands:




    etable .....               ! use ETABLE for beams/joints

    pretable  ! print results

  • AR

    Hi Chandra,

    Thank you for your post. 


    I tried to what you explained to me, but I couldn't obtain nothing. I don't have much idea about scripting in APDL commands. I write the next lines (and some others ways that I found in internet) but I wasn't able to obtain results.


    I atach a WBPZ file with the model. I will really apreciate if you could see it and help me with this issue. Link to OneDrive ->!Am8sCtJMJkfCctFl27XjNXIXjio?e=ks5hqb




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