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3D Design

Boolean breaks geometry

    • shadowfax7

      I have an inner geometry embedded in my outer geometry (see small tube in larger geometry) and I want to make sure I have 2 separate bodies, the outer without the inner, and the inner. When I use Boolean Subtract in Design Modeler, my geometry seems to break apart? I tried fault detection but the model does not seem to contain any faults.

      Any tips?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      You can create a plane. Then slice geometry with that plane and separate the region of interest. Then you can subtract the geometry only for that particular body. nAlso you can try SpaceCalim. nPlease go through help manual for more details nRegards,nKeyurnHow to access Ansys Online Help DocumentnHow to show full resolution imagenGuidelines on the Student CommunitynHow to use Google to search within Ansys Student Communityn
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