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Boolean problem

    • minko

      Hello I need a help with boolean operation.

      I want to count some stand. I want to calculate it as 2D shell part I made mid surface and surface extension to fill the gap, but when I want to do boolean operation this faild and it show me error.


      Can U help me?

       I think it is problem with thickness

    • peteroznewman

      You don't need to do a boolean to tie these three bodies together for a structural model.

      Select the three bodies in the tree then right click and select Form New Part. Then you will have 1 Part, 3 Bodies instead of 3 Parts, 3 Bodies.

      This is called a multi-body part and it will Share Topology automatically. This means when you mesh in Mechanical, there will be common nodes at the intersection of the planes and cylinders creating a single meshed structure. You can verify this by setting the Edge Display to By Connection. A red edge means it is free. In the model above, you will see two red squares and two red circles. After you Form New Part, you will only see two red squares.

    • Tayyaba


      I am facing the problem with the Boolean operation in Design modeler,

      1. I imported the points

      2. I use concept-line from points

      3. Then I use concept-surfaces from edges, as a result I got 6 surface bodies, now I make a single part by the method you described above as by selecting all and then by right clicking Form new part. But I need to subtract this part(or 6 surface bodies) from the fluid domain and when I go for boolean operation#:

      I have Target body=1 body

      Tool bodies=6 bodies

      and Boolean operation fails by stating the following error:

      Error: Operation would result in non-manifold bodies
      Context: Geometry Engine, while generating Feature Boolean1

      Image of geometry is attached. What I think is that by body is not filled, it seems to be hollow to me.

      Waiting for the kind response.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you subtract an infinitely thin body from a volume what are you left with?

    • Tayyaba

      Yes, actually this is not the case. I have tried it in another way, by importing points-making surface and then extruding that surface, it generated a solid body so its easy to have Boolean of solid body instead of surface bodies.



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