Boundary Conditions for a Valve

    • thamarai

       Hi All,

      Iam working on a fire hydrant valve where I have to calculate
      1.the outlet pressure( Max Limit is 4.5 bar) for a given Inlet pressure varying from 5 bar to 20 bar. In this case how I can give Boundary conditions? I have tried with Velocity Inlet and pressure outlet but I want to calculate for Varying Inlet pressure.?

      2. Have to calculate the force actingin the piston( Top & Bottom). How CAn I calculate? I have attached a picture for your reference.

      Thank You

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You set inlet and outlet conditions, so they're for you to define. Pressure in-out tend to be less stable so I'd suggest a velocity inlet & pressure outlet and report the inlet pressure. You may need to rethink the modelled domain (discuss with your supervisor) if you need to calculate the pressure at the outlet port of the valve. 

      Forces can be found in the Results > Reports section. 

    • thamarai

      Thank You For your response!!!


      Edit rwoolhou: continued here  https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/boundary-conditions-for-fluent/

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