Boundary conditions for electrodynamic bearing

    • supreeth.k

      I have created an axial electrodynamic bearing model. It is stated in a paper that for iron stator magnetic insulation boundary condition is to be used. Electric insulation must also be applied to the exterior boundaries. However, only the insulation boundary conditions are present in ANSYS Maxwell. So how to proceed with this.

      Also should i use eddy current or transient solution type

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @supreeth.k,

      You can apply a vector potential boundary condition and set it to zero to force the flux lines to remain within the simulation domain. Note that this is a default boundary condition in 3D at the exterior of the solution domain.

      For electrical insulation,  to avoid current crossing the boundary, you can apply the insulating boundary condition.

      You can refer to "Defining Boundary Conditions" section in maxwell help for more details on various boundary conditions available in different solvers in maxwell.



    • supreeth.k

      I had experimented with the boundary conditions. But I still don't have a solution.

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