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Boundary conditions in transient thermal model?

    • Rowida

      I want to ask a question regarding the boundary conditions in transient thermal model.

      I am trying to simulate a thermal vacuum test using Ansys transient thermal model.

      The model I use is as shown. I try to calculate the temperature on the model surface due to radiation between Thermal Vacuum wall and the model. there is only radiation heat transfer.

      The concept of thermal vacuum test is: Thermal Vacuum wall is being heated and cooled that cause a change in temperature on model surface.

      The boundary conditions I used are:

      1-Radiation on model surface with T= 22 c.

      2-Radiation on Thermal Vacuum wall with T= 22: 150 then from 150 to -150.

      3-Temperature on Thermal Vacuum wall with T= 22: 150 then from 150 to -150.

      The problem is that: the temperature on model surface has increased during heating and reached 45 c, but during cooling it almost reached -5 c.

      I want to know if/how I can change the boundary conditions?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator
      nnPlease see if the following course on Thermal Radiation helps you:nnnRegards,nAshish Khemkan
    • Rowida
      Thank you very much.nI followed the steps in the course, but in the cold half of the cycle, Temperature didn't reach the expected value.n
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