Boundary Conditions on patch region

    • Peter Felbinger

      Hello all,

      i am currently trying to simulate fluid in a small cavity. My fluid (water) is inserted via a patch region in the cavity. The rest of the volume in the cavity is air. Then a VOF is done. 

      I am now interested in inserting a boundary condition on the water surface, e.g. for heat radiation. 

      The surface of the patch region is not under the boundary tap and now i am interested if it is possible to insert a boundary for this surface.

      I am looking forward to your replies!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      There isn't a surface for boundary conditions as such. The solver will pass heat from one phase to the other, but radiation etc will just see the phase fraction & material property. UDFs might give you what you want, but you'll need to find the cell(s) with the interface. 

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