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Boundary conditions problem

    • ucess04


      I am doing a concrete - rebar pullout test, as shown in the figure below.

      I use Combin39 to define the interface.

      In the X and Z directions, I use coupled degrees of freedom for the coincident nodes.

      There are two options to apply the boundary conditions 

      1) To fix the Y direction for the front face of the block. In other words, against the pullout direction.

      2) To apply fixed boundary conditions on four sides of the block in x, y and z

      What is the difference in the simulation when a tensile force is applied to the rebar? 

      When the four sides of the block are fixed, is there tension in the block when the rebar is pulled?

      Also, I tried to use the first option, but anays says that the degrees of freedom are over-defined. Hence, is the only possible way is option 2 ?


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee



      If the four sides are fixed and if you are pulling the bar then the tension should be seen in the model. With force application, you may face a convergence issue. 



      Ashish Khemka

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