General Mechanical

General Mechanical


    • Mary

      i am doing a egien value buckling analysis 

      bt i got a erorr

      1-SUBSPACE solver failure. The assembled stress stiffness matrix contains all zeroes. No load factor solution is possible. what i do

    • Mary

      and also i have a doubt

      my ansys is 16.2

      An eigenvalue buckling analysis was first performed to determine the lowest buckling mode, which could be used as the shape of the initial imperfection in

      the following nonlinear FE analysis

      so how can i do?

      anyone knows about it?


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Please use, inline images and explain your problem in detail. Like, how are you setting this up? Loading etc.

      Also, please upgrade to the latest version if you can.

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