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General Mechanical

Buckling problem

    • Lambrescu


      I have the following problem:

      I do a static structural analysis and after that, I perform a buckling analysis with pre-stress (results from the static analysis).

      I get the message:

      During the multiframe restart process, neither the .RDB file nor the   

       .Rnnn files were found. Both files are required to perform the        

       multiframe restart for the linear perturbation analysis. You must use 

       the RESCONTROL,LINEAR command in the prior base analysis. The         

       ANTYPE,,RESTART command is ignored.

      I do not understand it.

      Could you please help?

      Kind regards and thanks


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Not sure why that happens - see the internet and the forum to see if you find a post that helps, for instance :
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