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Bug if you have non-english letters in windows username

    • Mr Berg

      Hi !

      i have had some trouble with getting Ansys Workbench up and running, i installed the 18.2 Ansys Student on my 64bit win 10 system. It showed a error stating something about registrating GraphScene. With some troubleshooting i discovered a old forum thread stating that there cannot be any special letters in the windows username, and i made a new account to test this out. This worked and now i have to switch user each time i want to work on my structural engineering course. This is of course much better than not having Ansys at all, but i wanted to report the bug to you with hopes that this would not be a problem for future students.

      Workaround: Extract the Ansys Student 18.2 installation zip to C:Ansys (or another path not containing any special letters), install ansys as usual and create a windows username not containing any special letters and run Ansys from this user only.

      PS: The letter i was having trouble with was the norwegian Ø !


      EDIT: I was also sucessful in running the ANSYS Workbench from my regular user by editing the shortcut to Workbench by adding "runas /savecred /user:YOUREXTRAUSERNAME" before the path, enabling me to use the Workbench as usual but with the addition of the extra user.

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Thanks for this feedback Mr. Berg. This issue has been raised before, see this post.

      I've asked our development team to look into this to see if this can be addressed in a future release.  


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