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Building Material Assigning in Building wall materials

    • kjang8

      Hi, all.


      I have a simple box type building geometry.

      I just model it with a simple surfaces.

      And I wanted to apply mutiple wall materails on it with given informations.

      Such as


          B5 - 1 IN DENSE INSULATION,  !- Name

          VeryRough,               !- Roughness

          2.5389841E-02,           !- Thickness {m}

          4.3239430E-02,           !- Conductivity {W/m-K}

          91.30524,                !- Density {kg/m3}

          836.8000,                !- Specific Heat {J/kg-K}

          0.9000000,               !- Thermal Absorptance

          0.5000000,               !- Solar Absorptance

          0.5000000;               !- Visible Absorptance



          C12 - 2 IN HW CONCRETE,  !- Name

          MediumRough,             !- Roughness

          5.0901599E-02,           !- Thickness {m}

          1.729577,                !- Conductivity {W/m-K}

          2242.585,                !- Density {kg/m3}

          836.8000,                !- Specific Heat {J/kg-K}

          0.9000000,               !- Thermal Absorptance

          0.6500000,               !- Solar Absorptance

          0.6500000;               !- Visible Absorptance


      But I just wondered what is the best way to apply this information to this surface.

      Should I suppose to model this in details?

      If so, how?

      Please guide me if you can.



    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      You can use shell conduction and give multiple thicknesses and material properties but can not be defined all the properties.



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