C_VOF crashing

    • prebenjs

      Belows is a section of the UDF I'm trying to implement. So i want to find the volume fraction of the cells by the face where I'm defining the profile. However, everytime i run the code it crashes (SIGSEV error) when it reaches the C_VOF command. What is causing this? Any advice on what is wrong in my code?


      face_t f

      cell_t c;

      sect_th = THREAD_SUB_THREAD(th,1)

      begin_f_loop(f, th)


          if PRINCIPAL_FACE_P(f, th)   {

            c = F_C0(f, th);

            volume_fraction_ = C_VOF(c, sec_th);}

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Consider using C_VOF with cell index and the right cell thread. You are using here the face thread instead of cell thread.
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