Calc Flux with DC Conduction in Maxwell

    • Darin Tsai

      How can I calculate the flux through a non-model plane from the current density of a copper plate in Maxwell? I need to do it with the use of J [A/m^2] through the copper. Considering the use of fields calculator and applying Biot Savart's law, but how would I get the magnetic field from the current density in the 3d object to at least a specific point on the target plane(shown in purple). How would you also calculate the distance from every point(in the volume model?) Would appreciate any advice (Not using magnetostatic, as I'm trying a different method)

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Darin,

            The DC conduction solver is only for electrical field simulation, and there is no magnetic field calculation. You can use tranisent solver with DC current. Thanks.


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