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calculate moment in vertical axis wind turbine

    • oncernhan

      Hi all,

      I am calculating the total moment of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in 2D as shown below (experimenting with only one blade).

      I set up the CFD with sliding mesh (grey area) in trasient simulation

      I have a question: When I calculate moment coefficient, does ANSYS Fluent already take into account the relative velocity between the blade (rotational velocity) and the wind (inlet velocity)?

      To make it clearer, let's denote: V(a/g): Velocity of air with respect to (wrt) the ground a.k.a inlet velocity, V(t/g): Velocity of turbine wrt the ground a.k.a tangential velocity and V(a/t): Velocity of air wrt turbine 

      V(a/g) = V(t/g) + V(a/t) - In vector notation

      In other words, does ANSYS Fluent automatically calculate Cm, Cl and Cd based on the relative velocity (Va/t)?

       I can extract Cm versus flow time but I'm not sure how ANSYS Fluent calculate Cm (as well as Cd and Cl) when there is a sliding mesh involved.

      Thank you very much. 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It should calculate based on the velocity (relative) on the blades: check the User's Guide for the calculation/equations/definition and follow the links.  You may find forces & moments to be more useful than the coefficients: again check those definitions as they're a function of the reference values. 

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