calculate needed current for sin flux function

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      I did on my coil ( 49 loops) (M330-35A electrical steel ring sample) some calculations where I give the AC current: I_max*sin(50*2*PI*time) or just DC I_max (parametric calculations) and calculate how the flux is working on the sample (B and Phi=B*A). Everything went fine.

      The sample got a nonlinear B-H-curve and is laminated, which I hope I prepared fine.

      My problem now, I want to get the needed current function (or current density-function on my area, it doesn't matter)  when I ask Ansys to calculate me a nice output sinus flux: Phi*sin(50*2*pi*time).

      is that possible?

      I calculated the needed current on excel and made on c++ a program which can do that too and know how it has to be if I just calculate it analytical. but where is the sense for me in FEM Ansys then? 

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