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General Mechanical

Calculate stress based on two 3d model; initial 3D model and deformed 3D model.

    • J. Co. Lim


      I have two models. 

      Firstly, I have a initial 3d model to produce a box structure that can contain someting. 

      I also have another 3d model that was acquired from 3d scan data. 

      The scanned data was measuring the box structure that had been degraded by some experiments. 


      So, I want to calculate the stress using deformation between initial 3d model and deformed 3d scan model.

      Although I don't know the way, I think stress can be simply calculated from stress-strain relationship. 


      If someone has any relevant reference or method, please let me know. 

      Thanks a lot.



    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @Janggyun,


      You can create a 3D model using the STL file (generally this format is output by scanners) and then perform an analysis on the same.

      TUTORIAL | Tips to Convert a STL file Using SPACECLAIM (ANSYS) and SOLIDWORKS in a Solid Model - Bing video


      Ashish Khemka

    • peteroznewman

      Can you post images of the original and degraded box structure?

      Can you describe what loads were applied to the original box structure to degrade it?

      • J. Co. Lim

        May I get you mail addresss? 

        It's hard to upload images online. 

        The loads are thermal shock. I mean that the deformation was induced by plastic thermal deformation.

        And the material's stress-strain curve can be regarded as bi-linear curve (one for elastic, the other for plastic)



    • peteroznewman

      You can do a screen capture then paste that right into your reply. Or if you have an image file, you can use the Insert image button on the bottom of the reply text box.

      You can use a file sharing site such as Googe Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or Jumpshare and paste the link to that file in your reply for anyone to download.

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