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calculate the capacitance values

    • chenxinvictory
      My research goal is to calculate the capacitance values of the upper and lower faces of the cylinder.First I built a cylindrical model with “SOLIWORKS”. Create “Stratic Struktural” in ANSYS workbench, select Strahl material, then pour the cylindrical model created in "SOLIWORKS", then mesh the cylinder. After the meshing is completed, first define the upper surface of the cylinder as "CON1" in Stratic Srucktual. , define the lower surface of the cylinder as "CON2", and then program the APDL code to calculate the capacitance value of the upper and lower surfaces of the cylinder. The code is as follows:


      Et,1,Solid 123

      EMUNIT, EPERO, 8.85E-12

      MP, PERX, 1, 1
      MP, PERZ, 1, 1

      MP, RSVX, 1, 0
      MP, RSVY, 1, 0
      MP, RSVZ, 1, 0

      D, 'CON1', VOLT, 1
      D, 'CON2', VOLT, 0

      CMATRIX, 1, 'CON', 2, 0

      Then run this code, but after the code operation, the capacitance value obtained in the "CMATRIX" file is zero, and the actual capacitance value calculated by the computer is a certain value. Excuse me, why is the simulation result obtained when the APDL code is used to calculate the capacitance value in ANSYS workbench? Is the capacitance value
      zero? Which step is the problem? Thank you!
    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      Above EMUNIT command is not correct.  See VM120 in the Verification Manual for an example using plane121 and CMATRIX.

    • Karthik R


      I am moving this post to the structural mechanics thread. This will help you get more visibility on your question.

      jpasquerell - thank you for providing these inputs.



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