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Calculated value of a partial plane

    • seffa

      When using the "calculated value" feature in Discovery AIM, is it possible to grab information from just part of the plane and not the whole plane itself?


      For example, I have a room where im modeling airflow. Could I create a plane through the middle of the room and find out the average velocity in each half of the plane?


      I understand you can do a contour plot. But the issue is that a contour plot is a continuous field of values which makes it hard to use for design purposes. If I could say, have an average value for each half of the room, then I could use those hard numbers in a calculation.


      I attached a screen shot of a contour plot to show how I would want to break up the data. Each red square I would want to grab an average (AVG.) velocity from for example. Is this possible?




    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello seffa ,

      It is not possible to grab information from parts of the plane the way you are expecting.

      I would suggest you to post it in the Discovery AIM ideas section, since it will be a good addition to the AIM result extraction.

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