Calculating AC Resistance in 2D transformer model

    • veerabharath333

      I am trying to find the AC resistance w.r.t frequency of primary and secondary coils of a transformer using 2D model(one coil in primary, one in secondary). 

      In results, I am getting 4 resistance values. One corresponding to primary coil, one corresponding to secondary coils and two corresponding to mutual resistance whose values are negative.

      What does these negative mutual resistances signify???


    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      Negative mutual resistance effectively means that as current flows in the source coil, the resistance of the secondary coil (as seen from the source) is decreased.  This is due to AC proximity effects.

      Please reference Maxwell online help topic: Impedance Matrix to understand the corresponding equivalent circuit for a 2x2 matrix.

      For Maxwell 2D RZ example, Google search: Maxwell 2D Jumping Rings

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