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Calculating ADPI ( Air diffusion performance index )

    • HusseinK

      Dear all, I hope you are doing good in such times.


      I am doing a research on airflow inside a room where air enters through an opening on the ceiling in the middle of the room, exits through two openings in the lower side of the room, one of the parameters that needed to be calculated is APDI which is ( Air diffusion performance index ), the following is the definition of ADPI and what it represents:

      The value of ADPI represents the volume percentage in a room space where both of the following two criteria are met: -1.7?C < Td < +1.1?C and v < 0.35 m/s. The ADPI is a cell volume average of all cells in the domain: ADPI = /

      So it is a value that depends on two criteria, first is the temperature is between -1.7 and +1.1 AND velocity is less than 0.35.

      This is applied to a 4X4X3 room.


      How can I ind the parts or volume fraction of the room where these two conditions meet? what is the procedure? appreciate any thought as I have been trying for a while and couldn't figure out how to do it in Fluent.


      Additional info: its a fluid domain, analysis done using Fluent, steady-state.


      I will be happy to answer any inquiry, thank you in advance. 


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