Calculating the Porous Media Parameters in Open Channel Flow

    • mengineerm

      Hello Everyone,

      i´m trying to simulate a porous zone in an Open Channel Flow and i would like to calculate the viscous and inertial resistance parameters based on experimental data. Such as shown in the ANSYS Fluent help. I have experimental data with the fluid height upstream an downstream the porous medium, which is located over the copmplete width of the test flume. I have the discharge value and averaged velocitys upstream and downstream, based on the fluid height and discharge.

      My question is if there is a way to calculate the porous media parameters as shown in the ANSYS Help for this open channel situation too? And if there is, what would the Pressure Drop values be in my case?

      I can calculate the integrative pressure drop, or you could call it force drop from the Upstream side to the Downstream side of the porous media, but i´m really not sure how to translate this into a pressure drop, because of the different fluid heights upstream and downstream the porous zone

      I´m thankful for every help i can get :)


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Not easily. We'd usually calculate the coefficients for water in a single phase and then pass that data into the VOF model with the screens/baffles/whatever the porous bit represents.

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