Calculating the real temperature profile of a flame for each height above burner

    • maxLinn


      I’m trying to calculate the real temperature profile for each height above the burner of a methane flame in "ANSYS Chemkin-Pro 2020 R2".

      In this project I’m calculating tha composition of a methane flame with different equivalence ratios with a premixed burner. In addition to that, I need to calculate the specific temperature profile within the flame for each height above the burner. But every time the adiabat temperature profile and not the real temperature profile is being calculated.

      I have tried to search in different tutorials and forums but I couldn’t find any helpful information.

    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee
      HI MaxLinn:
      I am not sure from your description exactly what is happening As the equivalence ratio changes, I would expect to see a different flame height and axial temperature profile getting predicted in each case. Please ensure that it is your inlet that is setting the species mixture. If you are setting the species mixture under the premixed burner intermediate fraction, this is just like setting initial conditions and the result will get washed out by the inlet conditions.
      Make sure too that your problem type is changed from Fix Temperature to Solve Gas Energy Equation:

      I hope this helps.

    • maxLinn
      My problem is that when the temperatures are calculated, the temperature profile in the flame approaches an adiabatic temperature, but then no longer drops as the height above the burner increases, which in itself is not a real temperature profile.That's why I wanted to ask if there is a possibility, to calculate a real temperature profile along the height above the burner.
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