Calculation lead angle from Rmxrpt to Maxwell 2D design

    • uhyor
      Hello Community, 
      I am new to Maxwell Electronics. I would like to design a synchronous reluctance machine. For this I am doing a rough design in RMxrpt. After that I create a Maxwell 2D design. In my case I get the following control of PhaseA (Excitation -> PhaseA) 179.629*sin(2*pi*166.667*time+8.23581*pi/180). Here I am interested in the calculation of the lead angle 8.23581. To my amazement I noticed that this factor is geometry dependent. Due to the geometry dependence of this factor, it is not possible for me to perform a parameter sweep without recalculating this factor. Does anyone know how this factor is generated and where the geometry dependency comes from? 
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi uhyor,

      The rotor's initial position is set to such a position that the initial flux linkage of the phase-A winding is at its negative maximum value.

      If you can not figure this out from your configuration.

      The other way is - Run the model in open-circuit condition(set current =0). Plot the 3 phase flux linkage and induced voltage plotes.

      The alignment angle or the initial position is reached when flux linkage is at maximum and induced voltage at the minimum.
      In the below image firt plot is the flux linkage and the second plot is the induced voltage and the initial position is 7.5 deg.
      You can right click on the plot and add x-market to mark the position.




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